Gaines Structural Integration, LLC



Each of our bodies are connected with a tissue known as fascia. Fascia has been found to vary throughout the body in terms of the number and density of its fibers making the tissue harder, softer, more rigid or more elastic. Fascia is one continuous web that connects the head to the toes, encompassing all the organs and intertwined between muscle layers making it possible to affect everywhere in the body when touched in a singular area.

Each structure is uniquely different and tells its own story. Our structures are what they are and we feel how we do in our bodies because of how we have used them. From how we exit the birth canal, to being in a car accident, to carrying heavy backpacks, to the emotional pain of loosing someone we love, all effect the structure. The myofascial tissue learns to be tougher in particular areas throughout the body to support our structure. Overtime, these imbalances can cause the pain you probably feel today.

By completing the 10 series, we work to realign the body within the gravity field. When a body is balanced and in its optimum alignment, it requires less energy to function, we are more flexible, the nervous system calms, and it becomes easier to breathe.

Structural Integration is a form of deep tissue massage. It is a series of 10 sessions that works to reeducate the
body through movement and touch. Each hour-long session builds upon the previous and systematically releases
patterns of stress and impaired function by, lengthening, and opening the connective tissue. Structural Integration is a
very personal process. Because no two people are the same, experiences and benefits will vary. Some express feeling
taller and slimmer, others discover that the work provides greater flexibility, a feeling of lightness and fluidity, better
balance, increased breathing capacity, increased energy and greater self-confidence.